About Us

More and more people around the world have access to the Bible in languages they understand well. But if we really want to see people encountering God’s Word in life-changing ways, then translation and distribution are only part of what is needed.

Helping people connect with God’s word also involves more than good products or enthusiastic presenters, it starts with understanding people and the things that help or hinder them, in connecting with God through the Bible.

The Scripture Engagement Guide (SE Guide for short) helps you and your community discuss important issues and prayerfully decide what strategies and resources will help overcome barriers and best meet the needs of your community.

This tool has been developed through a collaboration across a number of agencies involved in the Bible translation movement and is available for use by anyone. 
The site and videos are maintained by the International Media Services department of SIL International. Ongoing guidance and funding for initial development, has come from a variety of organisations affiliated through the EMDC network.

Our Partners

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