The resources section of EMDC.Guide has now moved to EMDC.Tools – “a showcase of different products, strategies, tools and courses developed by some of the 300+ organisations that have participated in EMDC over the last 15 years”

“if you only have a hammer, everything looks like a nail”
Choosing the best tools for the task depends on the situation and the resources we have available.

Products listed on EMDC.Tools include:
videos such as Jesus Film, Lumo Gospels, Ruth, Magdalena, Stories of the prophets, and many more
production tools such as Scripture App Builder, Reading App Builder, Bloom editor, Story producer
Bible translation tools including Paratext, Render, Scripture Forge
audio players such as Kulumi, MegaVoice, the Proclaimer
courses and training materials such as Trauma healing, Culture Meets Scripture, the Multilingual Assessment Tool, Oral Bible Storytelling
… and many more tools in many other categories for different audiences, different issues, and different ways of connecting